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We make it easy for small businesses to get more done.

Our affordable subscription-based solutions automate your computer tasks without the hassle of upfront investments, expensive tech experts, and risky software projects.

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What does it mean to simply automate?

You have enough on your plate. You need solutions, not projects. Outcomes, not overhead.
You need it to be simple, easy, and quick. We get it.

Here’s what a ’simply automate’ approach looks like.


Understand the art-of-the-possible. Educate your team. Manage their concerns. Find processes to automate. ​


Understand the art-of-the-possible. Educate your team. Manage their concerns. Find processes to automate. ​


Support the design and launch of your automations (we do the heavy lifting for you).


Grow your business efficiently and profitably. Choose the next process to automate.

Why simply automate?


You eliminate manual repetitive computer-based work. The boring stuff, gone!



You free up your team to do the more important work for your customers and your business. 


You make your employees happier, and happier employees stick around longer.​


You reduce errors and rework, increase uptime, and run a tighter and more profitable operation.

Hear what our clients have to say

Hear how process automation in this manufacturing firm has helped them see tremendous growth and opportunity, all thanks to simply automating the manual stuff.

We love helping small businesses. This happy client can attest to that. Now his 7-person property management team can better allocate their time to growing the business.​

Meet Chris Gantz. CEO of Patriot Property and a satisfied customer. See how Simply Automate helped his team spend their time and energy on better, more important things.​

How to Simply Automate?

Automation For Accounting Firms

Accounting firms and departments are facing big challenges. From staffing shortages to increased competition, cultural shifts to rising customer expectations, it’s more important than ever that they evolve in order to survive and thrive.

Adopting automation for both internal and customer-facing processes is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. The good news is that it’s easier than ever to ‘hire’ automation of all kinds.

Download our ‘Automation in Accounting’ Use Case document to learn more.  

Accounting Use Cases
Manual Work is Holding You Back

Feeling stuck in the manual grind? You're not alone!

For small and medium businesses, manual tasks can be a real drag, slowing you down and eating into your valuable time.

Did you know that, on average, small firms can automate around 30% of their manual work? Think of the time and energy you'd save!

Let's break free from the manual shackles and steer towards smarter, more efficient workflows. Ready to make the leap?

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Stay on Top of Key Automation Trends

A majority of US firms plan to use AI and other automation to save money, grow profits, and scale.

Are you planning to do the same?

Get in touch, and stay informed of the key adoption trends, technologies that you can be using to compete and innovate.

We believe that automation should be in at work in every firm – especially small and medium firms.

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