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What is Automation in the Accounting Industry?

Automation in the accounting sector offers a significant edge to small and medium-sized firms, enhancing operational efficiency while cutting costs.

Our automation solutions employ digital tools to handle routine tasks traditionally carried out by your team. These tasks, often performed on a daily or weekly basis, are typically prone to human error.​

With automation, your team can boost accuracy and free up time for business-focused tasks, making better use of your firm's time. Watch our video to discover more about automation in accounting, or click 'Learn More' for additional information.

Automation Applications in Accounting

Here are three common ways automation is applied in the accounting sector for small and medium-sized businesses:​

  1. Client Account Reconciliation at Month-end: While many accounting programs streamline data entry into platforms like Quickbooks, automation elevates this process. It not only enhances existing automation but also handles budget reforecasts, custom report generation (like labor and marketing reports), among other time-saving tasks.​

  2. Excel Data Management: Excel is a staple in nearly every accounting firm for budgeting, reforecasting, and reporting. Our service, Simply Automate, can lessen, and often eliminate, the time your team dedicates to numerous manual tasks performed in Excel.​

  3. Tax Preparation Assistance: Facing clients who procrastinate on tax filings or struggle to provide necessary information? We can facilitate smoother communication to gather required data, and create custom reports for your team. These reports act as early alert systems when financial metrics stray from expected ranges.

Benefits of Automation in Accounting

Three core advantages of employing automation within small to medium-sized accounting practices include:​

  1. Time-Savings: Automation can significantly reduce, or even eliminate, manual tasks and workflows. If your team is immersed in repetitive or redundant activities, automation can streamline these, saving numerous hours week-over-week. Moreover, for tasks that are monthly or seasonal, we can help set up automated workflows, cutting down labor costs and ongoing efforts.​

  2. Enhanced Accuracy: Even the most adept accounting professionals can err. Nobody is perfect. While modern accounting software does automate a fair share, automation can expedite your processes while boosting accuracy.​

  3. Boosted Employee Engagement: In the current job market, attracting and retaining talent is challenging. By automating the tedious and time-consuming manual tasks, we free up more productive and enjoyable time in your team's schedules, reducing frustration. It's a true win-win!​ ​

Automation for accounting is a pathway to saving both time and resources. At Simply Automate, we excel at crafting affordable automation solutions tailored for accounting firms, with a focus on aiding small to mid-sized businesses. We make it simple by collaborating with you to assess all manual, repetitive, and mundane tasks your firm encounters, devising a solution to automate these swiftly and accurately. ​