RPA is more than Automation

I was asked last week, “Why do I talk so much about Robotic Process Automation”? I told them because RPA is a service every company needs but very few know about it. The reason why every business needs it is that implementing RPA will allow business owners and their employees to have more of a direct impact on their company, create more business opportunities, and help change their economy.

You see, most people look at RPA as a service that will take away those repetitive, mundane tasks so employees can work on more value-added tasks. Although that is the main take away, it goes a lot deeper than that. Let me explain.

We are working with a company that has shown some interest in RPA but really didn’t know much about it or even know how and where to start. At first, it was hard even trying to get a meeting set up. But they finally agreed to make time for us to talk to them about what we can do. During our conversation we found out that they had 3 employees, in their HR department, working full-time handling onboarding, termination, and sick leave related issues. We also found out that they each were spending about 30 hours a week on these 3 processes alone.

After they walked us through the processes, we figured by implementing RPA we would reduce their process time by 80% while reducing the manual effort to 10%. After going through the cost analysis, they realized they would get an ROI within 6 months of full deployment. All three processes will take about 4 to 6 weeks to complete. So by July 2020, their investment will be paid in full.

Now they were excited about that cost savings, the speed the process would be working at, and being able to complete the processes error-free. Well, of course, that is going to excite people. But what was even more valuable was that those 3 employees now have 72 total hours a week where they can help with customer service, marketing, sales, and any other business areas they feel they can be an asset.

Being able to have more of a value roll, instead of being stuck behind a computer, will allow people to be more creative and help retention be sticky. Anyone would want to stay with a company that allows them to have more of a voice and creativity. RPA gives them that chance.

This is where opportunity grows, not only for the employees but for the business. And once businesses see beyond the automation, the better our economy will be.

That is why I talk so much about RPA. I will continue to talk more about it because the more I talk, the more those that get it will listen. I am not going to grab the attention of everyone, right now 😉 But those that I do, I will be here to give them the knowledge and understanding of how this service can change their lives and those around them within months.

RPA is growing fast. Check it out for yourself. Being educated on it now will give you a huge advantage moving forward.

Making an impact is priority #1, Wilton Rogers III

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