Will your Business and Career make it through a recession today?

My good friend and business partner Rob Howze wrote a great post yesterday. He talked about how so many businesses are not taking today’s economic downturn seriously. A lot of us think we are ready for a possible recession ↘️ but most of us aren’t. I know I’m not, and I’m in technology automation.

I had written a full article/blog about the coronavirus 🦠 and the benefits of RPA. I had been struggling for days to find the right words to write 😩 I finally finished it yesterday morning and was ready to post today. Then I read Rob’s post and I deleted everything I had written.

Rob is right, technology education is very important 📖 Understanding how to get the most out of every software program you currently have, and every business process you have already put in place will be the key to longevity.

Just think about it for a second 🤔If this virus does find the way into your home, will you be ready for weeks away from work? Possibly months? Will your career or business make it through long delays not being in work mode? It’s time to start educating yourself, doing your own research, and making sure you at least talk to someone in the automation industry that will lead you down the right path.

👍🏼A lot of companies are preparing, or think they are preparing, for any economic disruption, but most are not. Working with an RPA Expert. that can show ways to maximize the use of your current software applications, will help prepare you for this possible recession and all future economic setbacks.

RPA is the fastest growing technology in the software space 🚀but so many are still putting it on the back burner. However, that back burner will not have a flame if you wait too long. Do your research on how to truly take advantage of automation technology. RPA will be the norm soon. Understanding how it can help will set you up for the future faster. Put 15/30 minutes a day to learn more. You can do that in bed. #Understanding how RPA can impact your life is all about #Education. That “I should have done it then” will happen if you delay the inevitable. It’s here and picking up speed… #RPA

Thanks for the inspiration, Rob!

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